LuVitt Apparel seeks to provide high-quality streetwear for those who share a passion for the Dance Music Culture. 

LuVitt [ luhv-it ]

In 2007, a college kid took the bait of a free pizza when signing up for a credit card. That same kid went home – pizza in hand – and max’d out that credit card for his Pioneer DJ equipment. He had a vision - bring Dance Music to his college WCU (West Chester University).

13+ years later, multiple residencies in the cities of Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlantic City and opening gigs for world famous DJs from Carlo Lio & Nic Fanciulli to Avicii and Hardwell that same kid still has his dream – bring Dance Music to the forefront of the world.

Through LuVitt Apparel you will silence the “you can’t do its” - “where are the words?” and “sounds like the same song!” to share the same passion with millions of others as one clear message...

LuV of Dance Music

As genres tend to define us, LuVitt Apparel is the one brand we can all get behind. With your support and belief to spread love, powered by a Husband & Wife Team with a combined 23+ years of DJing and Bartending experience, we can share the same passion we have all fell in love with to others. This is where Welcome to The Family comes from...

Welcome to The Family

You don’t have just one family, you have many. The original family is formed by blood – yes - but the other is born by passion, laughter and love. These are the people that host the pre-games, pick up your late night phone calls and leave early to make sure you are safe.

LuVitt is a message to the world this Family was formed by the LuV of Dance Music.  As you look around at that next after hours party, where only the chosen Family was invited to, take a moment to enjoy it and welcome others by just being you.