Our Story

LuVitt Apparel seeks to provide High-Quality Streetwear for those who share a passion for the House Music Culture.
Powered by an East Coast Husband & Wife Team with a combined 23+ years of DJing and Bartending experience, we are right there with you on fully understanding the Dance Music Culture and the friends who become family.
Designed from a narrative standpoint LUVITT is both a reflection of modern House Music Culture and personal experiences from years of working in an industry we all love.
LUVITT's journey chronicles the evolution of a dreamer from adolescence to maturity, a narrative reflected in each design as a DJ / Producer continues to chase their dreams and rise to their fruition.
We are focused on building a community and giving the opportunity for House Music Artists to express themselves through not just their sound, but their design.
A community driven by word of mouth, skill and heart, culminating into one clear message - the LuV of House.